Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Reindeer Kid" Project No. 2 - 2007

Here's a look at a cleaned up version of the original pencil sketch. It's a little more clearer as to what's going to happen and gives me a clearer idea as to how I want to put it together. The next steps are to define the size and shape of the piece and get it transfered to final painting surface. For this I will be painting on thick Bristol Paper.

In the end here's how the final painting turned out. It was a fun process and I learned some new things. Hope you enjoyed seeing the progression.


Meetch said...

Where can I find a Reindeer suit of my very own??

Hryma said...

Oh he's creepy, I like it.
Hi Junkykid,
thanks for saying my pencil toppers are 'great' on John K's blog.